Baby, Baby Sophie Isobel….and brother Nathan came too :)

Baby and Children’s Photography: Baby Sophie Isobel Richardson was born on the 21st December 2012, weighing 7lb 3/4 oz and was brought the studio along with her big brother Nathan Hunter Richardson, who will be 2 this month. I really enjoyed playing with Nathan, whilst mummy fed Sophie. Then, daddy did a great job of having a picnic with Nathan when we were getting some lovely shots of baby. Getting the both of them together, now THAT was the challenge….but Nathan obviously quite likes this new little bundle of joy who’s come into his life, and was happy to give her quick kisses in between the real business he came for – having fun!!  Newborn photography is a great way to capture those precious early moments. Babies and children grow up so fast!! xx


Richardson045 Richardson042 Richardson035 Richardson028 Richardson020 Richardson017 Richardson016 Richardson014 Richardson012 Richardson011 Richardson008

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