Alanna’s Cake Smash!!

Cake Smash Photography, Scotland: Well, nearly…… 🙂 Gorgeous little Alanna was recovering from the chicken pox and wasn’t really in the mood to party.  She was far more interested in the balloons and then cuddles from mummy and even me (I was delighted 😉 ) Don’t you just loved her cute little expressions and delicious little pout!! Happy 2nd birthday, Alanna!!

Cake Smashes don’t have to be a demolition for them to be a success – it’s all about capturing those little looks, those eyes and sometimes even those tears.  Cake Smash Sessions only cost £45 including cake, and are usually fairly short (because once the cake is smashed, well, it’s smashed. Usually).  If you’d like more information on these fun photography Sessions, please get in touch.


Cake_Smash_Photography_Scotland001 Cake_Smash_Photography_Scotland002 Cake_Smash_Photography_Scotland003 Cake_Smash_Photography_Scotland004 Cake_Smash_Photography_Scotland005 Cake_Smash_Photography_Scotland006 Cake_Smash_Photography_Scotland007 Cake_Smash_Photography_Scotland008 Cake_Smash_Photography_Scotland009 Cake_Smash_Photography_Scotland010  Cake_Smash_Photography_Scotland012 Cake_Smash_Photography_Scotland013

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